Welcome to Dakar! Presentation of I.T.A. (Institut des Technologies Alimentaires)

Institute for Food Technologies

The international conference of International Initiatives (II) which will take place in Dakar from March 17th to 24th will be hosted at I.T.A., in partnership with RADI.

Before the conference starts, in which we expect meaningful exchanges of experiences and thoughts around non-violent struggles and land rights, with participants from Senegal (RADI, CNCR, and many other organisations), India, Colombia, Nepal, Nigeria and France, let's introduce I.T.A., the place where the conference is hosted in Dakar.

Symbollically as well as in practice, this place is extremely important to link sustainability of agriculture at various scales, quality of food and research in terms of agriculture and nutrition. In that sense the place itself appears as a logical follow-up to an international conference on land rights.

I.T.A., the Institute for Food Technologies, has been created in 1963 as a public institution to work on research and development for food and nutrition. It has grown a lot when it gained the support of FAO in 1968. Around 80 people are working here in laboratories, pilot workshops, high level technologies and trainings. Providing experts in all these fields, I.T.A. has been lalelised "Public Institution for Sciences and Technologies" in 1988. Its objectives are following:

 - excellence in knowledge for sustainable development

 - quality of food and nutrition for private and public sector in Senegal and sub-saharian Africa.

Have a look at their website (mostly in French language) :

And if you have the chance, do taste their homemade wheat and potatoe bread!

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